They ask for the Extremadura Medal of the Exemplary Pulmonologist

Juan Fernando Massa Jimenez, MD, pulmonologist.

The Extremadura Respiratory Society (SEAR) will ask Extremadura joint recognize with Extremadura Medal to the pulmonologist Juan Fernando Massa JimenezPresident of the Chamber pulmonology subordinate San Pedro de Alcántara Hospitalfrom Caceres.

SEAR highlights that Masa is a “reference” for his teammates, and his ” Fantastic career path indisputable”, therefore “we believe he deserves recognition on his own land”

Among the achievements that stand out (from “Benefit to all extremists‘), asserted that he was ‘a pioneer of vNon-surgical mechanical ventilationin the creation of the first Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit (UCRI) for the country”, and that “what you offer scientifically has Changing clinical practice around the world“.

For SEAR, “all this means better quality health care for all the people of Extremadura and the world at large.”

We must remember that The international repercussions of Massa are remarkable. For example, in 2017 American Thoracic Society Appointed as one of the directors of the Clinical Practice Manual for Evidence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Obesity-Related Respiratory Failure Using Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV).

he is an author Over 200 indexed publications s More than 35 chapters of national and international books.

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery with Excellent grade with honorsis an academic of Number of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamancaand honor Spanish Academy of Dentistry and Historical Studies of Dentistry.

He is the leader of Siberia.Biomedical Research Center in Respiratory Diseases Network) subordinate Carlos III Health Institute area coordinator chronic diseases.

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Colleague European Respiratory Association.

His areas of research are:

– SAHS (apnea And shortness of breath from sleeping)

– SHO (Hypoventilation and obesity syndrome)


– treatment with non-surgical ventilation In acute and chronic cases

Descriptive studies of mortality, morbidity, and prevalence (cross-sectional) in COVID-19

He coordinated the various working groups within Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (separate).

Remember that in 2017 Juan Fernando Massa Jimenez received recognition best doctor within Medical Writing Awards for Health in Extremaduraan award received by the Head of Respiratory Medicine at San Pedro de Alcantara Hospital from the Minister of Health of Extremadura, Jose Maria Virgils BlancaIn the presence of the regional president, William Fernandez Farra.

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