They arrested a fake pediatrician who treated over 200 boys and ran a clinic in Llavallol but never studied medicine.

Arrested Fake Pediatrician who took care of more than 200 children and Managed a clinic on Llavallol, but he never studied medicine. Luzuriaga clinic raided amid controversy over “fake medical practice‘, starring Carlos Alberto Morgoya, accused of treating at least 300 patients, most of them minors, over the past four years, with no record of him.

From the complaint, an investigation was initiated that included wiretaps and alleged patients, in order to verify that the faulty professional presented himself as a clinician and pediatrician, at the same time he became. Director from clinic Without any qualifying degree, but instead used the license plates of a doctor who no longer practiced. Also, use the credentials of a doctor who was in the interior of the country.

This man was arrested after being accused of “fake medical practiceThe usurpation of titles and honors and the forgery of public documentsA crime that carries an initial sentence of six years in prison.

Similarly, in the raids ordered by Jorge Greco, the public prosecutor in Lomas de Zamora in charge of the case, about 300 medical records were confiscated, of which at least 200 belonged to minors. In the meantime, they found a huge amount of medical instruments, remedies, prescription books, and forged stamps, with which the fake doctor formulated the diagnosis and wrote more than 500 prescriptions.

On September 20, 2019, a woman treated with the defendant called Dr. Sabrina Natalia Scaloni, and said he was using her license plate number. liar doctor. In light of this, the doctor went to the Lavalol clinic with her ex-partner, who pretended to be ill, and therefore requested a role with Morgoya. The defendant, without reviewing him, diagnosed him with a urinary tract infection and prescribed him medication every 8 hours.

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