They are developing virtual reality glasses that will be used with a 5G weight loss necklace

The future of the technological devices we use every day will be strongly linked to Virtual Reality (VR) s Augmented Reality (AR)This is the reason why various manufacturers are joining this trend. This is the case of Motorola, which announced the development of a collar that contains a processing unit and 5G connection to facilitate these experiments.

This handy, ready-to-use mobile device is designed to test next-generation mobile computing applications and Intended for “unrestricted, hands-free, and unlimited” experiences. It is also intended to lighten the weight of traditional VR glasses.

Designed in collaboration with Verizon, Integrates the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 . chip With 5G support It allows you to take advantage of the bandwidth and low latency of the ultra-wideband network offered by the US carrier.

Motorola has announced that it will share more details about the device in the coming months.

“We have created a 5G wearable neck strap that is redefining the role of the smartphone by allowing users to view content on more immersive screens around them. This results in better portability, longer life and a higher quality user experience while on the go,” Motorola said in a statement.

Verizon’s vice president of hardware technology, Brian Mecum, said the neck collar allows for “delivery technology in many fieldssuch as sports training and fan experiences, as well as making virtual reality scenarios scalable.”

The necklace will include a 5000 mAh battery.

For its part, Motorola announced that it is working with Verizon to develop new applications for augmented and virtual reality operations and that it hopes to share more details about this work “in the coming months.”

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A neck strap provides USB-C and DP1.4 connections, and measures 54 x 97 mm with a Weight is about 100gAccording to information from Engadget.

Also includes a 5000 mAh batteryMicrosoft Remote Network Driver Interface (RNDIS), SIM card slot, charging indicator light, along with various sensors such as GPS.

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