They are creating a lower percentage to earn a medical degree, and backlashes are emerging against them

Written by Jorge E Quiros

06/03/2021 – 11:46 a.m.

The publication of Decision 1 of March 3, 2021, which “provisionally sets, until the state of national emergency is lifted, the minimum scores for approval of the Basic Certificate in Medicine examination”, nothing has gone well and is preparing to generate new controversy.

According to the decision published in d Official Gazette On Friday March 5th, the minimum passing score for the Basic Certificate in Medicine examination was established to be 360, which corresponds to the equivalent percentage of 34.5%.

In Article Two, it states that the ratio will be reviewed by the Inter-Institutional Board for the Basic Certificate in Medicine, once the state of emergency is lifted.

In 2019, a decision recognized that as of May of that year, the equivalent passing score for the Basic Medicine Certificate exam was 405, equivalent to the equivalent percentage of 42.00%.

Then, in another Resolution No. 3 of June 12, 2020, it was established that the equal percentage of approval for the basic certificate examination in medicine is 41.5%.

On Twitter, there were reactions already. Jorge Sinclair (@ jorgesinclair05), he wrote that, ‘ If it was a school to be rated on a 5 basis, then a passing score would be 1.7. Yes, one by seven“.

On his part, Dr. Julio Sandoval (DrJulioSandoval), also responded and wrote the following: Lowering the passing score on the medical certificate exam harms people’s health. Who brought it out? It appears to be made to measure someone. Please reconsider!“.

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