They accused Nati Jota of receiving free tickets to watch the Argentina national team and responded with a severe eviction

on twitter, The name Natty Gutta has become a trend For strange and supposed information: hundreds of users Make sure he gets free tickets to see it The match that the Argentine national team will play with Panama In Monumental, in her first appearance as a world champion after being dedicated to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and they were furious about it. The reason that caused the outrage, they stated, arose from the fact that while thousands of people were excluded from the event due to tickets selling out quickly, many celebrities, including influencersThey received free invitations. but, He denied public complaints and engaged in a vigorous defense on social networks.

Families who went into the sunlight to wait for the players stayed as they entered and ended up with heatstroke. Meanwhile, Luzu TV, which has less football than very usefulShe has protocol entries, that’s why Nati Jota got her,” was one of the many tweets leveled against her.

Natty Guetta responded to all the accusations via her Twitter account

in response, Jota decides to use the Little Bird Network to clarify the situation with a large-scale message. “They dismissed me as if I had a ticket. This added to the long list of free whores I have on my history,” he presented.

He continued, “Write saw TT and say what did you do? And I saw and said ‘Ah, I have a ticket for Argentina-Panama.'” Then I thought “Uh, I don’t have it. I hope I get it anyway and they are really bugging me.” Regarding the statements they made, he said, “Guys, the bitch I ate today because they think I’m going to the field and it’s hard to get tickets. Really, 1) I don’t have it, I lined up like you and didn’t understand. 2) I worked for 5 years on a sports channel and always went in for sports from the colorful side.

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On the other hand, he hinted at the annoyance caused by the amount of criticism he receives daily. “If I go to work and that’s why I have access, are all these bitches fair? I’m laughing now because it’s a lie, but hopefully I’ll cover a thousand more matches, and the world. They don’t know how stressful and unfair it is to always have to come out and explain why you deserve it. “I’m sad,” he said.

Finally, he talked about the obstacles that stand out in the work he has done as a journalist since he started working in the media. “No one is so familiar with the manhood I’ve been dealing with in the 8 years since I started. Any fence is always crossed and reinforced because I’m mine. And I’m not talking about my mates but about people. Neoclassical, hit two influencers When the problem is other “, close.

Nati Guta expanded the accusations against himTwitter

A few days ago, the content creator was also in the eye of the storm when several Pictures of her with Momo Benavides in Antarctica The virtual platforms were invaded with a wave of discontent from those who They confirmed that they were going to make the trip with state money.

After being vehemently questioned, and the honesty of her style, she responded to the criticism with a wide-ranging letter. To clear up some doubts, because I’ve read false information that copies itself in a brutal way. I’m part of a publishing project about Argentina, Antarctica, A project of a production company that produces educational content for young people. “It didn’t bring me any particular means,” he said.

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“I understand that there is ignorance and that it is part of my mission, but for those who are wondering how I came about: the only way to advance here is by plane or military ship (there are no commercial flights), in my case aircraft, and far from being used on my own (who was it? Who Can he guess that?), there were about 60 other passengers, including scientists, staff, military personnel, other journalists, etc., and food for the bases.”

From Antarctica, Nati Guetta hit back at the criticism and was powerful: ‘I’m far from talking about politics’Instagram @natijota

And after expanding on the topic and putting an end to the clarifications, She thanked those who support her and stand up for the work she does. Although she has currently had to express herself again as a result of other complaints, she has made it clear that she will not ignore questions that cloud her.


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