These were the first hours of the military deployment in northern Chile to control irregular migration

The procedure, as indicated by the Chilean executive, will last three months.

in a frame Critical Infrastructure Code – which allows the Chilean Armed Forces to protect the country’s border region by government decree- The Chilean army has begun its deployment at various points on the border with Peru, in the region of Arica and Parinacota.

According to what the executive authority indicated, the forces will contribute to strengthening police control over highways, With the aim of implementing relevant controls on people moving across bordersie to protect and control irregular migration.

Likewise, the community in Colchany, in the Tarapaca District, is hopeful that at least the cross-border entry of foreigners in those areas will decrease. According to the charges, for at least three years “avalanche Venezuelans“, but also recently, according to their stories, Colombians, Haitians and Salvadorans Join this migration.

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Income that although it was felt until 2022 on the roads, both in Colcani, Hawara and in Rota 5 Norte, today the situation has changed, since many illegal immigrants are disembarked in buses Nobody knows where and how they can crosswhich made possible the theory put forward by some Chilean authorities, that they do this through piracy vehicles, financed by the so-called “wolves”.

In this sense, think military deployment Identity checks Bag searches, if there is a presumption of crime and warning shotsamong some of the measures that The Chilean army will be able to do thisas part of its powers Irregular immigration controlat sensitive points Borders with Peru and Bolivia. Everything, based on the criteria set by him The new Critical Infrastructure Actapproved by the Chilean Congress.

The Chilean army will be deployed in the regions of Arica, Parinacota, Tarapaca and Antofagasta.

Thus, based on the provisions of the new regulations, border control with military reinforcements will have a Extension of 3 months (90 days). Following the same line, the regional authorities agree that they expect More permanent measuresgiven that the territory affected by irregular migration is considered to be a An extension of 952 kilometers. This, because the boundary between Chile and Peru end 170 kilometers And increases significantly with Bolivian when thinking 782 kilometerstotal Six possible steps Legal to both borders.

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On the other hand, the governor of Antofagasta (a region located more than 1,000 kilometers north of Santiago), Ricardo Diaz, stated that Amendment to the Immigration Law is urgently required, Which adds to the questions issued by Mayor Kolchani, Javier Garciawho stated that Immigration Law Encourages Irregular Arrival in Chile.

On this same point, the authority called for the same on the various political sectors to participate in the security schedule and all the cases that exist to solve this problem. argued, in turn, that That discussion of the state of exception or no state of exception… We need more protection at the borderGive it any name you want, but make concrete decisions now.” In his opinion, no progress has been made in this regard due to political differences: “I think when we get into this ideological dynamic, we all lose ourselves out there. What the public wants today is a safety table.”detained.

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