These theoretical black holes can completely erase your past and destroy your future

According to scientists, outside the event horizon there will be a point where the past is erased and the future is uncertain.

Among the many things written about black holes, there is one particularly disturbing: that they are able to do Hitting the reset button on your content history, effectively erasing the past and turning the future into a giant question mark.

A team of leading mathematicians teased this theoretical property in 2018 and it is for black holes in an expanding universe, like ours.

How exactly this will look from an observer’s point of view is anyone’s guess. But if this turns out to be true, we may finally have a solution to one of the most important questions in modern cosmology.

If we follow the laws of physics up to their logical conclusions, All the mass of the collapsing star is compressed into an infinitely small point called a singularity.

This is a bit like saying that there are volumes of space that hold secrets from the rest of the universe, places where physics itself disintegrates.

To deal with this rift between the rules-based universe as we know it and these bits of black holes from being completely uncertain, physicists have applied a little thing called cosmic control.

This oversight comes in two forms.

Someone suggests that there is a barrier within black holes, deeper than the “event horizon” most people have heard of, Then the physics effectively cancel out and nothing can be predicted.

This barrier adequately isolates these annoying singularities from the rest of time and space, preventing clutter from becoming an urgent problem.

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In the meantime, a stronger version of cosmic censorship The idea that there is no physical chaos is considered sacred. Therefore, it will be necessary to remove this barrier and allow physics to continue to be happy in some way.

Peter Haines, a mathematician at the University of California, Berkeley, has doubts about the second version.

“People have been content for about 20 years, since the mid-nineties, that there has always been a strong cosmic watch,” Haines said in February 2018. “We challenge this view.”

07-28-2021 The short X-ray flashes correspond to the reflection of the flares from the far side of the disk, curved around the black hole by the strong gravitational field.  Research and Technology Policy by Dan Wilkins
07-28-2021 The short X-ray flashes correspond to the reflection of the flares from the far side of the disk, curved around the black hole by the strong gravitational field. Research and Technology Policy by Dan Wilkins

Haines and his team were studying hypothetical charged, non-rotating bodies called Reissner-Nordström-de Sitte . black holess. Theoretically, this type of black hole would have a barrier called Kochi skyline.

beyond the horizon of Kochi, There is no cause and effect in this distorted scene, but time and space softly vanish into an infinite moment.

Proponents of strong cosmic censorship models argued that these horizons would be erased by the singularity with the slightest gravitational deviation of a collapsing star. This should exclude Cauchy’s prospects in favor of strong global control models.

A 2018 study shows how the two can technically continue to coexist even with such disorders, But only when the universe surrounding the black hole is expanding at an accelerating rate like ours.

The reasons behind this conclusion are quite heavy, but we will try to explain them as simply as possible.

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Thanks to its payload, lReissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holes will already have a slight internal thrust that resists the monstrous gravitational pull, subtly counteracting the effects of torsion in space and time.

in the meantime, An expanding universe like ours puts time and energy limits on the curvature of the physics surrounding the singularity.

NASA took the first picture of a black hole
NASA took the first picture of a black hole

The combination of these two effects will provide some protection for the Kochi horizon, It gives us the devastating singularity of physics and an infinite moment behind the line of no return.

In this region strange creatures They will be separated from their past and will not have a certain future. Crossing it will mean he can never get back, but he won’t be crushed into a spot.

If you don’t know how you’ll feel, rest assured, researchers aren’t sure either.

Physicist and team member Joao Costa from the University of Lisbon in Portugal explained this using a familiar topic.

“By thinking about Schrödinger’s cat, we know that we can assign the probabilities that the cat is both alive and dead,” Cardoso tells Edwin Cartledge at

“But if the cat falls inside the Cauchy horizon, we won’t even be able to calculate those probabilities.”added.

This makes the weirdness of the black hole even stranger than the madness of quantum mechanics. Which really says nothing.

Since Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holes likely do not exist, the exercise is philosophical, but this does not render the guesswork useless.

The math is still working with black holes with typical neutral charge, and they argue that it can even be observed in the gravitational wave of colliding black holes.

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In this case, we will finally have our first tantalizing glimpse into the parts of the universe where secrets are kept forever.

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