These iPhones will be compatible with the iOS 16 battery indicator

iOS 16 battery indicator. (Photo: iPadizate)

One of the greatest novelties in the latest beta version of iOS 16 Do you Insert a new battery indicator Which, as in terminals with a home button, allows you to quickly see the percentage of remaining battery. however, Not all stations will be compatible with this new option.

A long-awaited feature that disappeared with the advent of Face ID due to the need to cut out elements in the interface to fit the class.

What now manzana I’ve thought about it, and since you were supposed to do it The iPhone 14 It will have more space (rumor), the company wanted him back. however, It will also arrive on earlier iPhones, But not everyone. Again, for space reasons.

The fifth beta version of iOS 16 includes a new option that allows users to always display the battery percentage in the status bar, But it only appears on certain iPhones. Which? Yes, most of them have it, but there are others who are incompatible.

Here is a list of iPhones that will have the option to display the battery percentage directly in the status bar:

– iPhone 13 Pro Max

– iPhone 13 Pro

-iPhone 13

– iPhone 12 Pro Max

– iPhone 12 Pro

-iPhone 12

– iPhone 11 Pro

– iPhone 11 Pro Max

– iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max


iPhone battery indicator in iOS 16. (Photo: DonaminHaber)
iPhone battery indicator in iOS 16. (Photo: DonaminHaber)

If you looked at the list carefully, you might have noticed There are no two models. In fact, Nor iPhone 12 mini No Him iPhone 13 mini is compatible with the new battery indicatorBeside The iPhone 11 or iPhone XR They have a battery percentage option.

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Although it is still a beta version and can access other terminals, everything seems to indicate that The new option is limited to iPhones with an OLED screen.

It’s not entirely clear if it’s due to pixel density or simply because Apple chose to get rid of LCD terminals that weren’t being used. Except for iPhone SE, Which has the home button, and it always shows the battery option by default.

The latest iOS 16 developer beta, the new version of The operating system For iPhones that will be released in the fall, it includes an exciting new feature related to email notification. Spam or SMS.

As revealed by MacRumors, manzana A copy of that message was previously reported to the operators so they can act quickly. In versions prior to iOS 16, Apple allowed suspicious messages that users received on their iPhones to be reported as spam.

It is, in particular When a person receives an SMS from a contact that has not been added to their address book. By marking it as spam, you will completely remove it from a file Application. On the other hand, Apple receives a report with the contact information you sent, as well as their content.

iOS 16 SMS.  (Photo: MacRumors)
iOS 16 SMS. (Photo: MacRumors)

However, with what was previously explained, the operators do not receive any kind of information, so somehow they cannot act quickly. However, with iOS 16, Reports Apple receives with contact details and text messages will also be sent to some carriers.

This can be particularly useful in preventing fraudulent content submissions. That is, messages that pirates Pretending to be a company to deceive customers with offers or gifts, which actually include a Link to a malicious website With the intent to defraud customers to steal personal data.

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