These are the seven news that WhatsApp brings for 2022

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The WhatsApp It is the instant messaging app with the largest number of users around the world, with the app currently being used by more than 5 billion people, according to the download history of Google Play Store.

From time to time, developers WhatsApp releases updates that bring new functions, which are usually well received by millions of users. For example, the world’s most popular instant messaging app has been added Whatsapp Web is the option to create stickers.

Although some very useful functions will be included in 2021, this does not mean that WhatsApp will stop surprising its users, As the developers next year plan to add some functionality, They promise to be welcomed by the people.

The instant messaging app I’d like to add will have the following news in 2022:

1. Sign out

Multi-device mode will have an optimization that allows users Disconnect from one device while staying connected through another. The feature has been tested by some of the app’s beta testers.

WhatsApp may allow you to sign out.  (Photo: El Universal)
WhatsApp may allow you to sign out. (Photo: El Universal)

2. Reels and WhatsApp

as detailed WABetaInfo, a technology-focused portal, WhatsApp users will have the option to clone reels Instagram, as part of an identification scheme (formerly known as Facebook social networking site) to keep everything connected to your apps.

Reels on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Spanish)
Reels on WhatsApp. (Photo: Spanish)

3. Delete a message without time limit

If you send a chat by mistake and want to delete it for everyone, which means the recipient can’t see it, You only have 68 minutes. After that time the function will stop working. However, the developers expect that this functionality has no limits.

The message was deleted without a time limit.  (Photo: the official press)
The message was deleted without a time limit. (Photo: the official press)

4. Hide from manually selected contacts

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WhatsApp beta has an option that allows you to hide your last contact as well as your profile picture from certain contacts. This way, these people will never know you’re online, but others will. In 2022, this feature will have the final version of the app.

WhatsApp logo.  (Photo:
WhatsApp logo. (Photo:

5. More options in privacy

This will be one of the most important privacy changes in WhatsApp in recent times: it will be possible to selectively hide profile pictures, last contact time, and information on some of your contacts.

To do this, WhatsApp will offer an option to add “My contacts, except for…”, This allows you to keep this section visible to everyone except the people you select.

WhatsApp has already started enabling this setting in beta, but it will take time to reach everyone in the world.

WhatsApp can add the option "My contacts, except...".  (foto: WWWhat's New)
WhatsApp can add “My contacts, except…” option. (Photo: WWWhat’s New)

6. WhatsApp Themes

The new feature that we still don’t have details of, but hope to complete, is the ability to change the interface color, to customize the appearance of the app.

A few months ago, WaBetaInfo reported that The application was working to allow users to change the color of some interface elements, Like the accent color displayed on the buttons and text, although we haven’t heard from the news since.

Topics on WhatsApp.  (Photo:
Topics on WhatsApp. (Photo:

7. React to messages

WaBetaInfo told us that WhatsApp is preparing to respond to messages, that is, Ability to choose emojis to respond to messages.

From what we can see, they work the same way as in Facebook Messenger Instagram.

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Basically, with a long press on the message, you can select any emoji to reply to the message without saying a single word. The other person will receive a notification that their message has been answered.

Reply to messages on WhatsApp.  (Photo:
Reply to messages on WhatsApp. (Photo:

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