These are the first manufacturers to support the Material You dynamic theme for Android 12

One of the main novelties Android 12 It’s your new interface material you with him dynamic theme, through which the colors of the system and applications interface are adapted to our wallpaper, but this This feature will not be available on all mobile phones When they update to this version.

Due to the layers of customization, manufacturers do not always implement all the new features of Android and android 12 dynamic theme It is one of those characteristics that will depend on the manufacturer, as is assured The source code for the hardware library.

List of Brands that Support Dynamic Appearance

Since last September Google confirmed that the dynamic appearance of the material will reach the rest of Android devices, which will not be a feature exclusive to pixels. Now we know which manufacturers will be the first to support the dynamic theme on their devices when they update to Android 12 or Android 12 for.

Mishaal Rahman I found in the source code of the material components a function that enables a dynamic theme for applications depending on the manufacturer.

dynamic support

As we can see in the post, we currently find 16 manufacturers compatible with the dynamic Material You theme. They are as follows:

  1. OPPO
  2. real me
  3. oneplus
  4. vivo
  5. xiaomi
  6. Motorola
  7. Ettle
  8. Techno Mobile Limited
  9. Infinix portability is limited
  10. Nokia (hmd global)
  11. sharp
  12. Sony
  13. TCL
  14. Lenovo
  15. google browser
  16. Roboelectric

As we can see, there are major manufacturers, but they are missing Samsung, whose beta de One UI 4 if it was Dynamic theme implementation, but it is not yet known if a proprietary application will only adapt the colors of its system interface and applications, or if Google has not yet added the Korean manufacturer to the list of brands that will support Material You.

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via | XDA Developers
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