These are the easiest dog breeds to train

Animal husbandry includes many aspects to achieve maximum socialization and better adaptation to the animal’s environment. His first experiences will indicate his personality. Hence, it is recommended that the puppy spend a lot of time with his mother and the rest of the litter.

It is also important to educate them, even if they are young and we think that they do not need training. A well-behaved dog is also a more balanced animal.

We insist, once again, that you adopt, just as many hybrid dogs will also be willing to obey you and you will become the best companion dogs.

Basset Hound

Although it appears clumsy and lazy, the Basset Hound is a dog breed with great physical endurance. Thanks to her short legs and very close to the ground nose, she is a great tracker and because she is affectionate, sweet and calm, she will obey her family to please her.

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It is one of the easiest breeds to train.


This breed of dog is native to Great Britain and has been used to hunt rabbits. They are very restless and lively dogs, excellent as pets, as they are very affectionate and love their family. It takes a lot of exercise.

This breed is quick to learn.


This breed of dog arose from crossing the Bullenbeisser (bull bite) with the English Bulldog. They are very elegant, loving, cheerful, and very social animals. They have a very good personality and they are especially nice to children.

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They are excellent companions for children.

Bulldog Engels

These animals descend from the same root as the mastiff. Its name means “bull dog” and they have fought in the past against these animals. Today, the English bulldog is an excellent pet with a very affectionate character, suitable for living in small apartments and in families with children. Exercising too much is not recommended, as her flat nose and prognostic jaw prevent her from breathing well.

The English bulldog is an excellent companion animal


It is one of the most widespread companion dogs in the world as it is of all small dog breeds with the best personality and very easy to treat. Its name comes from canichon which means a duck chick that has not yet lost its feather. There are several types and sizes of Poodles, but they are all easy to train and smart. But beware, they are fully aware of their charm, so they can easily impress their owners.

There are several types and sizes, and they are usually easy to train and smart.


The spread of this breed of dog, one of the most obedient and affectionate species we can find, dates back to the sixteenth century, when the Dutch company brought it from China to Europe. William I, Prince of Orange, was a major promoter of this breed. Like a bulldog or a boxer, its flat nose makes it prone to respiratory problems, so it is not to be overrated or warmed up.

It is one of the most obedient and affectionate dog breeds.

Knight King Charles Spaniel

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For many years, this breed of dog was a favorite of the English royal family. In fact, she owes the name of Carlos II. They are fun companions, loving, obedient, very attentive and ready to please their owners.

This breed of dog was one of the favorites of the English royal family.


Originally from Mexico, this breed of dog has the honor of being the smallest in the world. Despite its small size, it is a sturdy dog ​​that does not usually suffer from many diseases. However, you have to monitor your weight, because if it is less than a kilogram, you can have serious health problems. It measures between 16 and 20 cm and weighs no more than 3.5 kg. He is an attentive guardian, has a lot of personality and should not be treated like a game. He is very smart and learns very quickly.

This breed of dog has the honor of being the smallest in the world.


It is a strong and sturdy mountain dog whose exact origin is unknown. It can measure up to 80 cm and weigh between 60 and 80 kg. Despite its large size, it is a familiar and loving animal that knows how to measure its strength. He is very smart and easy to train, although a little stubborn at times.

It is a strong and strong mountain dog.

White terrier

Popularly known as the “Westie” it is a very friendly and affectionate breed of dog. It is highly regarded as a companion dog for their cheerful nature that they can be easily trained. His origin is Scottish. Although a small dog, they are very strong and love hiking in the countryside.

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It has a fun nature and can be trained easily.

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