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London, England.- Followers in United kingdom For the American star Taylor Swift They lost more than a million dollars Tricks With tickets displayed on social media and never delivered, Lloyds Bank estimated on Wednesday.

The British bank said in a statement that hundreds of the singer's “fans” were defrauded after sending money via bank transfer, without receiving any input in return, and each lost an average of 332 pounds ($413).

Starting July 2023, tickets for the tour will go on sale Tour of the agesIn March 2024, more than 600 Lloyd's customers reported being defrauded, numbers that exceed “the tours of any other music artist,” Lloyd's said.

They are looking for a reporter dedicated to following Taylor Swift

From these figures, the British bank estimated that there were likely to be “at least 3,000 victims in the UK since the tickets went on sale, which would take the funds embezzled to more than £1 million ($1.24 million).”

Lloyd's reported that the majority of victims were between the ages of 25 and 34, and that 90% of them were defrauded through false ads or posts on Facebook.

Some of the singer's followers lost more than a thousand pounds ($1,246) because they thought they had obtained a ticket for this sold-out tour, which comes six years after the American icon's last visit to British soil.

“With all UK concerts sold out, more and more of the singer's fans are at risk of falling victim to scams in the coming weeks and months,” Lloyds predicted, warning that paying by credit card or PayPal is safer than transfer.

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According to various estimates, this tour undertaken by the American singer is on its way to becoming the concert series that will generate the largest revenues in the history of music, exceeding one billion dollars.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, is willing to pay for his show

Taylor Swift's tour began on March 17, 2023 in Glendale, USA, and will end on December 8, 2024 in Vancouver, Canada.

After more than fifty concerts in the first part of her tour in the United States, the singer toured twenty countries, performing 152 shows on five continents.

Record production at the door

Away from this bad drink in the midst of her successful tour, Swift is awaiting her next album, titled Tortured Poets Oath, which will be released on April 19.

The names of Post Malone, Florence, and The Machine have been placed alongside some of the singles, so fans have raised their expectations for this album.

Song list

– Two Weeks (with Post Malone)

– Tortured Poets Section

-My son only breaks his favorite toys

– Bottom is bad

– So long, London

-But my father loved him

– Fresh Out the Slammer

-Florida!!! (Florence foot + machine)

– Guilty as sin?

– What is the little one afraid of me?

-I can fix it (not really I can)


– I can do it with a broken heart

-The smallest man who ever lived

– Alchemy

-Clara Bow

– Codex (Bonus Track)

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