There’s a Batman movie Warner doesn’t want you to see

Let’s say you are a young filmmaker, and you have participated in one of the most important film festivals in the world, and it is the day of the premiere. That you are dying from your nerves, but at the same time you can not wait. Think then that at that moment you are receiving a lawsuit from one of the largest media conglomerates in the world banning the premiere of your movie.

This is what happened to Vera Drew, director, screenwriter and star of “The People’s Joker,” Satire reinvents the origin of the Joker in a transgender key with the famous clown transformed into a depressed hero confronting the fascist Batman. That’s at least the official description Drew gave the film before its only showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF for its English acronym), After which he had to stop his movie to avoid Warner’s lawsuit.

It is a story that is slowly reverberating in the Anglo-Saxon media. Drew, who maintains that his work is protected as satire, is still looking for a way to put the film first on the big screen, then in the comfort of homes through a digital release.

career in comedy

It’s not Drew’s first turn with the dangers of comedy. The Chicago-born director worked as an editor on “Who is America” ​​alongside Emmy-nominated Sasha Baron Cohen. He has also edited and written many projects of this type in the United States.

For her, working on this project, her first full-length film, was a way to tell her story, through the prism of superhero movies. In fact, she has spoken multiple times on her networks about how special the project is to her.although it is difficult to analyze a tape that cannot be seen at the moment.

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Among his great sources of inspiration, he has named characters who are dedicated to going beyond the limits of what is permitted in comics, citing such characters as Sacha Baron Cohen, Tim, Eric, and Nathan Felder. They are role models that may have led her to dare openly shoot at Batman tapes. Although it should be noted that from what can be seen in the trailer, his idea of ​​satire has more to do with Mel Brooks’ work in “Spaceballs” or “Young Frankenstein” which are basically comedic adaptations of the original material.


The story of Drew’s tape is perhaps one of the great original stories of any twenty-first century movie. As he explains in an interview with the North American portal Looper, the project was born at the behest of one of its patrons on Patreon, and has evolved from a short film recorded with a home camera into widespread multimedia satire.

However, he had to turn to several of his friends to be able to put together a team, in addition to the unknown and New talent includes Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Have the equipment and the ability to show the tape to lawyers to make sure it can be shown to the public.

However, most of the budget comes, how could it be otherwise, from a campaign crowdfunding through your website. To do this, the participants were allowed to provide tips and ideas for the film, toOr it allowed him to take aesthetic photos straight from the Batman tapes.

outside the festival circuit

The director stated, in a statement, that she will not be able at the present time to present the film in the festival circuit as planned. Over the next few months, Drew was planning to travel with his movie, but has had to cancel as of now because he’s looking for a way to get the movie on the big screen.

Despite everything, the director is still confident that she will be able to shoot her movie on the big screen. Remember whenever you can that your film is protected by the right to ridicule, which you remember is mentioned in the United States First Amendment. For her, her film is nothing more than the use of a modern legend to tell her story in an accessible way..

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