There will be more sieges on Easter

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In the middle of the morning, the eviction order reached the health courts in Vaca Muerta. “Ruler (Omar Gutierrez) instead of giving a table to Salud, he sends to suppress him.”The protesters questioned. Health workers who were summoned by themselves closed the main entrances to the oil routes again today To insist on inviting the government to listen to the sector’s proposals. This week marks a month since the signing of the salary agreement with ATE and UPCN which has caused distress and there are no indications that it could be reversed in the short term. They are analyzing the resumption of the siege on Thursday, the beginning of Easter. What’s more, Social organizations announced sit-ins that will start on Wednesday.

The gathering between hospitals, which was held last Thursday, identified new measures, including traffic barriers, today and that Can unleash protests for Easter, If an instance of the dialog box has not appeared before.

Delegate Marco Campos detailed yesterday to Black River The cuts will start early today and They will be present in various sectors, although he avoided specifying which one. So far it is known that They block Route 7, at San Patricio del Chanar, at the height of Picada 13, and Route 6, At the height of reaching the Narambuena sediments, 10 kilometers from Rincón de los Sauces. Another, but unemployed, sit-in of this city joined on Route number 5 to Anilo, Who was already released because they complied with the eviction order.

In previous sieges, they had already received evacuation orders, although none of them had borne fruit.

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The force’s actions will continue tomorrow, with a public hearing at the doors of the legislative body, for which the deputies who want to accompany the case are summoned. Also on Wednesday, there will be activities in the health centers of the province and, On Thursday, a new gathering of hospitals will determine the continuation of the strike.

If there is no answer yet, the new cuts will be analyzed. Campos expected that the government today will find a solution to this conflict.Which indicated the possibility of their presence in tourist areas in the context of Holy Week.

The feeling of malaise on the health ladder not only brings together the self-made community sector opposed to ATE leadership, but also union members in Siprosapune and Nursing Association. Both unions will continue with forceful measures this week and demand that the government reconvene a negotiating table, this time with the four unions.

Yesterday MPs from the Todos Front sent a memorandum to Governor Omar Gutierrez requesting an “urgent” invitation. That allows “building agreed solutions with actors and exclusive champions of actions.” Saved thousands of lives in 2020The application includes Siprosapune, SEN, and the autoconvocados sector.

Opposition MPs also claimed that Acts of “persecution and punishment” stopped Arranged by the Ministry of Health for workers undertaking coercive measures.

The salary agreement signed by ATE and UPCN provided for a 15% increase on base salaries, and a 25% increase for the “exceptional work” clause, in addition to fixed amounts.

New discounts for social organizations

Like government organizations, social organizations claim to be summoned by the county government. They claim that he promised to counter the proposal submitted more than a month ago Demanding “real work, increasing provincial programs, and increasing food and picnic rations.”

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They emphasized that they are urgent demands due to the increase in inflation and They held the government responsible for the force’s actions.

They announced this On Wednesday, from eight o’clock, road and bridge blocks begin, Although they did not detail the points at which the traffic would be blocked.

The local representative of the nation’s Ministry of Labor, Asuncion Miras Trappallone was today at Castro Rendon Hospital With health representatives to verify the legality of the force’s measures and find out how the administration records unemployment days.

The intervention came after the regional government, through the Ministry of Health, ordered the application of summaries and deductions for unemployment days to workers who participated in the strike.

This is because They considered the unions entitled to demand force action to be ATE and UPCNAnd the signatories to the salary agreement, and that any other case of gathering, striking or mobilizing is evaluated as irregular.

Trappallone said he would go to the hospital to meet “How are the striking days of strikes recorded?”, On the grounds that they had lodged complaints with him about “anti-union practices.”

Delegate Marco Campos confirmed yesterday that the briefing threats “generated more anger” among the workers and analyzed that such sanctions could not begin because “the measures have union coverage” from ATE Nacional, not from Neuquén.

“As for the discounts that we are preparing for the day that we are preparing with the strike money,” Campos said.

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