There will be a poll in Peru: left-wing teacher Pedro Castillo leads the scrutiny and 3 other candidates compete by voting to pass to the second round

Pedro Castillo, Hernando de Soto, Raphael Lopez Aliaga, Keiko Fujimori.

Peruvian Liberian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo is the only one to surpass 15 percent of the vote in Sunday’s general election in Peru, so a second round will be confirmed.

The first results gave Castillo 15.8% of the vote. The election of this left-wing teacher was a surprise today a week ago because he was not even among the first options at the polls to enter the polls. In this way, he will go to the second round and his opponent will be among: Hernando de Soto, of Avanza Pais, with 14.6%; Rafael Lopez Aliaga of Renovación Popular – 13.1%. And Kiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular, 12.4%. Then there’s Yunhei Lescano, a 9% popular action figure. And Veronica Mendoza from Juntos por el Perú, 8%.

After knowing the first results, Lopez Aliaga He acknowledged that Castillo, who presides over the elections, ran a “good campaign”, but later described the result as “stupid” and “irresponsible”.

Training, Lescano noted, “You have to wait for the official results to be able to pronounce,” The candidate De Soto shared this position, saying that he prefers to pronounce “once the margins are defined more precisely”. mentioned RPP News.

For this part, Keiko FujimoriShe, in turn, asked to wait for the results “wisely”, said that she “is extremely excited about the opportunity the Peruvian people have given me in the race to the second round.”

Fujimori also offered candidate Hernando de Soto, who was disputed with his pass to the second round in Peru “to work together.He added that he would face the left represented by candidate Pedro Castillo.

Kiko Fujimori speech after the election in Peru

Likewise, at the Bero Libre headquarters in Takabamba, in Chota County, Castillo supporters come to celebrate the results. “This is an expression of the people,” the left-wing candidate, Castillo, said in a short speech on Sunday.

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Dear Peruvian people, dear citizens, dear Peruvian teachers, I would like first and foremost to salute the most forgotten peoples of my country, and salute the men and women in the last corner of the country, and those who are there, said Castillo. . “Today, the Peruvian people have removed their blindfolds“, he added.

The Leader affirmed that the real big alliance in the polls will take place with “the Peruvian people”, warning that he will not submit to the demands of the other parties.

Presidential candidate, too Greet the children, “The ones I love the most and the ones I love the most, I am a teacher and I want these young people not to have an uncertain future tomorrow“.

These six candidates are competing to move to a second round of general elections that closed the polls at 7:00 pm (local time), after serious delays in forming polling stations, which were dominant. This circumstance forced the authorities to request youth volunteers, which was criticized by many of the candidates.

Possible congressional distribution

Congress will host eleven formations, with Acción Popular and Perú Libre taking first place, both with 10.7%, and Fuerza Popular taking second with 9.5% of the vote. Renovación Popular follows, at 8.8 percent; Avanza Pais, 8.4 percent; Alliance for Progress, 7.9%; Together, for Peru, by 7.7 percent, and for Peru, by 6.4 percent.

Likewise, Victoria will enter Nacional, who will receive 5.7 percent of the vote; We can Peru at 5.6 percent and Party Purple at 5.4 percent.

In this way, the fragmentation of the conference will once again be a decisive factor in parliamentary work, as well as in the relationship with the executive branch.

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Five of the parties elected in the 2020 extraordinary elections will remain on the bench, albeit to a lesser extent, while at least eight formations will lose their electoral registration. ‘trade’.

Specifically, the new president of the republic, two vice presidents, 130 parliamentarians and five representatives are elected to the Andean Parliament, and 24,290,921 citizens of the territory of Peru are called.

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