There is a wave of deportations of Colombians from the United States

reference image. Weekly flights coming from the North American country with illegal immigrants will start to increase exponentially every week. (Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez)

Banishment Illegal Colombians in the United States It will start increasing soon. Apparently, the flights coming from the North American country will increase exponentially on a weekly basis.

It must be remembered that, a few days ago, the governments of the two countries were meeting to determine the administration to be given to the situation involving both countries.

according to the information disclosed Snail RadioMass deportations of Colombians who arrived irregularly in the North American country will begin from the first week of May 2023.

Given this scenario, the Colombian authorities and entities such as the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration are preparing to attend the conference displacement wave Colombians from the United States.

The high-level table provided by the entities, as revealed by the aforementioned station, is intended to outline actions that will be taken to identify and address the circumstances in which citizens arrive.

Likewise, the national government will coordinate efforts with the authorities of Bogota so that as soon as the flights arrive with the deported Colombians, the department and city they belong to will be determined and to be able to process their arrival in their native land.

Although there are no official statements yet, the station has confirmed that it will also work in coordination with the Social Welfare Department. The above, in order to ensure that citizens’ rights are restored once they arrive in the country.

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Once again, the US Customs and Border Protection reported an increase in the number of Colombians entering the country illegally. Given the situation, the authorities of the National Territory have confirmed that a new mechanism will be implemented so that it can immigration Be organized and regular.

According to figures provided by the US authorities, in March 2023 the number of Colombians arrested while trying to illegally enter the US again increased.

In the past month, a total of 17,491 citizens of Colombia They were detained by the authorities of the North American country for entering that region without the required documents and permits. In February this year the number was 13,319 and 9,000 in January.

In view of the new increase in the number of Colombians illegally entering the United States, the national government has announced a new mechanism by which it plans to deal with the problem and regulate the situation.

According to the Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, since meeting the President of this country, Gustavo Petro and its American counterpart Joe BidenSeveral steps have been taken to implement this strategy.

The implementation of these instructions issued by the two presidents has begun. It is a mechanism that will benefit many families by having immigrant processing centers here in the country. “It is good news for Colombia,” the official said.

They confirmed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Government of Colombia, “in its commitment to the preservation of life and dignity, is leading actions to promote safe, orderly and regular migration in the hemisphere.”

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In addition, they highlight that it is a joint responsibility with the US government as Colombia recognizes the challenges and opportunities related to mixed migration flows on the continent.

In this context, the State Department reported that the national government is holding meetings with the North American Territory Administration to work on establishing centers to facilitate and process operations that allow regular, orderly, and safe migration.

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