There is a rumor that the next match is on its way, but it has been paused

Theoretically, the next installment of the franchise will be picked up after the launch of UFC 5.

As the UFC franchise moves forward With the latest UFC 4EA has given up on developing another boxing-focused brand: night fight. or at least sound, since this name was last released in 2011. resonates online once again. In this sense, it is suggested that Fight Night will release a new game in the future, but we will have to Wait several years to see.

That’s what they said and VGCThey claim to have called him A resource closely related to EA projects. According to this anonymous person, the next version of Fight Night is codenamed “Moneyball”, and although it’s in an early development stage, Paused To prioritize the next UFC 5 launch, according to an alleged email EA sent to its team.

In this sense, the VGC source confirms that the distributor You don’t want to split its developers Between two boxing titles, development of the default continuation of Fight Night has been paused. And, unsurprisingly, EA don’t want to comment About what they consider to be rumors and speculation, so we won’t know anything about the title until future confirmation, If this is the case.

Although the boxing franchise has remained consistent, EA continues Expand their addresses About the sport with the UFC. and leave towards football, the publisher is currently enjoying success FIFA 22, What then Featured in best selling games lists Since its launch in early October.

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