There are problems with one of the instruments on the Webb Telescope

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Webb Space Telescope was sending amazing pictures from the universe from ‘Perfect’ alignment earlier this year, but nothing is quite perfect, even in $10 billion telescope. Apparently, one of the control mechanisms of Webb has had some problemsMission engineers are working to find it Solution.

On August 24, a mechanism used in spectrometer Medium Resolution (MRS) from Webb encountered “increasing friction” while preparing for the scientific observation, NASA said in its postTuesday. The space agency called a meeting Anomaly Review Board September 6 “to assess the best way forward.” Where the council analyzes the problem and develops strategies to solve itNASA has discontinued observations using this specific mode.

The MRS monitoring mode is part of the middle infrared instrument Webb (MIRI), which uses a camera and a spectrophotometer to display light in the mid-infrared portion of the spectrum (wavelengths longer than the human eye can see). MIRI has four monitoring modes: imaging, coronary imaging, low-resolution spectroscopy, and medium-resolution spectroscopy. MRS is useful in monitoring signs The interaction of light and matter, such as emissions from particles and dust in planet-forming disks.

fail In the question affects A mechanism that works like a ‘wheelFor MRS monitoring mode, allow Scientists choose between short, medium and long wavelengths when making observations with this particular mode, according to NASA.

For now, that status is on hold while NASA tries to fix the problem. “The observatory is in good health and the other three monitoring modes of MIRI (imaging, low-resolution spectroscopy, and chronograph) are functioning normally and continue to function. Available for scientific observations,” the space agency wrote.

El Webb nos ha cautivado recientemente con imágenes de los planetas vecinos Mars s JupiterBut the telescope is also preparing to give us unprecedented views of the distant universe from its position in space 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. Webb is expected to work for about 20 years or more, so we hope you can try it some Faileds technicalsa along your journey.

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