“There are many other titles we are working on.”

The Electronic Arts studio has other plans for now, says one of its representatives.

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Ago Apex Legends Exchange a new premium from fall of titan, the community has been eager to get updates on the possibility of Titanfall 3. However, Respawn Entertainment has other plans for now. so commented Jason GarzaStudio Community Coordinator, during the live broadcast.

There are many other titles we are working on.Jason GarzaThis broadcast took place on September 20, where fans asked Jason Garza to provide “any comment on Titanfall.” On this, what he answered is that old game And with plenty of highlights, as a joke, before adding this: “Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve said this before. We’re not working on anything about it.” There is nothing. There are many other titles we are working on.”

After his response, another fan commented, “It’s time to give up on fixing Titanfall.” This person mentioned recent problems with pirates In Titanfall 2, until you reach An alleged exploit that attacked other people’s computers. However, Garza stated that he was only referring to the future of the series, and that they are working on these problems.

Titanfall isn’t the only one having trouble, because although it’s a different theme, Apex Legends is too He’s been suffering since his last characters arrived.

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