“There are already SMEs in Rio Negro that have been able to export with the support of the provincial government”

The training “How to Generate and Maintain International Sales + Export Challenge Program” was organized jointly by the Agency for the Promotion of Internal and External Trade and the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade, jointly with the Government of Rio Negro through the RN Agency Export.

The governor was accompanied at today’s launch by the local mayor, Gustavo Ginoso; Director of Technical Assistance for the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade, Fernanda Maciel and Executive Director of RN Exporta, Dario Barriga.

The President congratulated the National Agency and highlighted the work of the Rio Negro teams. “We work with two agencies: RN Invests, which allows us – for example – to talk about Green Hydrogen and generate real business opportunities, and RN Exports, which focuses on foreign trade,” he explained.

He noted that these tools “are a great way to broaden the horizon, to allow the growth of SMEs and in a much-needed joint effort with the state, which funds the work of nine technicians accompanying SMEs.”

There are already small and medium-sized companies in Rio Negro that have been able to export in small quantities. And they are doing so with the state and joint efforts with the nation,” he said.

Mayor Ginoso noted that these kinds of meetings are “seeds that sprout and do great things” and stressed that “export is the key to the work of our neighbours, because it is the cities that grow that generate exchange, and the state is present. With RN Exporta, which was a great idea for the governor.”

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For his part, Barriga pointed to some successful examples of small and medium-sized companies that have managed to break into foreign markets: “We have the case of a small chocolate factory in Bariloche that already has a small chocolate factory in Canada, and on another scale Frantum exports to Chile, a product from Villa Regina managed before Few days into Ecuador with pears, and we and other companies are also trying to get into Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil, where we have a business round table pending in October.”

We have high expectations of continuing to break these boundaries. And then, to continue moving forward on the second part of our mission, which is to preserve this exchange and ensure it continues to grow.”

The conference was accompanied by lawmakers Juan Pablo Moena and Julia Fernandez, among other authorities.

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