TheGrefg outraged at the Game Awards

This past morning Game Awards 2021, known as the video game Oscar again, has captured a huge audience. The audience wanted to know the winners of each award, to know the news that was constantly presented throughout the event, and among it all there was TheGrefg who looked forward to winning an award, but ended up frustrated with the event.

Of all the awards, there was one in particular with Spanish actors: Best Content Creator. David “TheGrefg» Canovas e ebay janus They argued for glory in front of three other people, Alexander the Brazilian.”the greeks“Borba and the Americans, Leslie”Fuzzly» Fu and dream.

The award went to DreamBut that’s not why TheGrefg was so outraged that it didn’t take long to point out that the creator was higher He deserved the award like no one else. The problem went further, Which is that the time allotted for this award during the ceremony was funny.

TheGrefg rightly claims

TheGrefg’s claim at no point should be taken as a tantrum for not winning the award. This is the least and clearly indicates in one of the Tweets Which he posted early in the morning. anger comes from him Abuse towards that award, but she wasn’t the only one.

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Jeff KellyAnd the announcer is father Game prizesThrough many of these awards. No delivery of any kind, a quick mention while the nominees and winner differentiated between them for a few seconds.

Game Awards is a long-term event, and it is not easy to present many prizes at the same time that you give constantly Lots of games, but this is a problem that the organization must solve or better regulate. Many communities, creators and players Sports People associated with the world of video games saw their prize pass as someone who didn’t want the thing, meaning that not everyone received the same treatment.

Naturally some categories have more importance in a party of this kind, but each nomination should have its space, no matter how small and fleeting it may be. time spent Content Creator of the Year It was funny, as in many other awards. Thus giving a glimpse of the organization they are about to achieve and generating a certain expectation among these societies, but at the moment of truth they did not pay them the slightest attention.

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