TheGrefg and Ibai organize the Arcane Cup, the tournament between LoL players

The leather By Jinx in Fortnite It kept us busy throughout the afternoon of November 4th. TheGrefg Served as head of ceremonies for Spanish speakers, he was not limited to introducing the Riot Champion in battle royale, but he also announced Argan Cup, a Championship between Banners de League of Legends next to ebay.

Both creators will also keep us entertained Next Saturday – November 6 – A special session in which the creators who have registered participate The list is not made-.

Murcian had moments for everything in the live show of leather. Epic Games has chosen him as one of the Fortnite ambassadors and will not leave him easily Normal, on the other hand. Apart from playing with Jinx, he gave Two strong ads.

The first is that it will be Unique streamer Broadcast at dawn from next Saturday to Sunday Three episodes of Arcane. All creators who wish can stream and reply to their channel in Chapter One, but only TheGrefg is able to do so in Chapter One.

All three episodes, however, It will be available on Netflix. Grefg is exclusive on Twitch, but if you want to see each other quietly on the couch at home, it can be done through the video-on-demand platform.

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The second announcement is the tournament Banners Moments before the premiere of the animated series. For now, we know that TheGrefg and Ibai Llanos are involved and They choose the rest of the participants.

This kind of tournament is booming. With the Squid game, we can see many of them, while it’s next Monday November 9, We will have Titan Cup de CS: GO. The LoL Championship will take place on Saturday 6 November at 7:00 PM. – In the Spanish peninsula time-.

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