The Xbox-Activision series continues in Europe for the second time in a row

The EU regulator will share its final decision on May 22.

the Buy Activision Blizzard By Microsoft continues to star in specialized media. And this is no less, because this volatility in negotiations and conversations with competition organizers highlights Lots of lowdown information About some of the most well-known companies in the sector. However, society is particularly interested in the final decision of such entities European Unionwhich – that, After postponing the publication of its decision to Aprilnow announcing a new date.

So we know thanks Reuters, an intermediary in which the current situation between Microsoft and the European regulator is explained. Apparently, the tech giant already Send a series of concessions To get approval for the transaction, which means that the entity must thoroughly investigate these new details before sharing its solution May 22nd.

Perpetually perturbed by Reuters, the EU regulator is preparing to collect more information from Microsoft’s competitors and customers before issuing its final ruling. And despite the fact that the contents of the document sent by those from Redmond have not been disclosed, it is possible that we will receive leaks over the next few weeks, as there is a lot of eyes on the outcome of this operation.

Microsoft’s franchises go over the game in the cloud

Over the past few days, Microsoft has surprised us with several agreements with it Seeks to reduce fears of the competition organizers in connection with the purchase of Activision Blizzard. In this sense, the company announced Historic collaboration with NintendoBut his association with companies such as nvidiaAnd bosteroid also ubitus (Gaming streaming platforms) also points out that those in Redmond have viewer on the cloud.

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Whatever the case, there is good vibes about this deal. After all, it was Reuters sources who confirmed this The acquisition will be very close to being approved by the EU regulatorthough we’ll have to wait until May to confirm it.

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