‘The World’s Greatest Actor’: Ben Affleck gets so much praise on ‘Air’ that he can confidently forget Batman

The Interpreter once again explores his face as a director in this new film, in which he also stars alongside Matt Damon and Viola Davis.

Ben Affleck He didn’t have the best experiences playing Batman. Although the actor is considered by some to be the best version of the Dark Knight on the big screen, criticism of Zack Snyder’s choice to play Bruce Wayne started happening once word got out. Even without watching the movie. And all of that ended up affecting him, as he himself would confess on his visit to The Howard Stern Show:”I felt pain. I felt less pain than I would have 10 years ago. But it hurts me,” he admitted in 2022, six years after the movie’s premiere Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Although we will see him as Batman for the last time flashBen Affleck admitted he was never particularly happy playing one of DC’s most popular heroes. So he said it in an extended interview with Entertainment Weekly About a year ago: “I had a very hedonistic experience with… Justice League For many different reasons. Without blaming anyone, a lot happened. But what really happened was that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like being there. I didn’t think it was fun. and then Some really awful things have happened, horrible things. But, when I thought about it, I wouldn’t do that anymore.”

However, the actor is currently having a nice professional moment, which was recently released airthe A new film in which he once again explores his face as a director after Live at night in 2016 in which he stars alongside his great friend Matt Damon and the great Viola Davis. A feature film generates a lot of excitement and is the best medicine for leaving everything behind.

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Ben Affleck does not hide his bad experience on the set Justice League“This was the worst experience I’ve ever seen in a business full of bad experiences,” he said in statements to Hollywood Reporter when i was already promoting air. But despite the economic downturn, the DC actor has managed to win back the illusion of other promising projects. and reply to his resume airwhereby He won truly passionate praise not only as a director but especially for his performanceIt is the best gift.

The film about basketball legend Michael Jordan (Damien Young) and his famous deal with shoe manufacturer Nike caused a storm of excitement when it premiered at SXSW in the US. As it was published diverseAnd The audience was noticeably ecstatic and delivered to minutes of applause during the credits. Now, its premiere in commercial theaters has also had an excellent reception.

In it, director Affleck plays Nike co-founder Phil Knight and there’s already talk that his Oscar nomination for Best Actor is guaranteed. In reality, Affleck has been called “the best actor in the world” by Academy Award winner Viola DavisWhile Affleck’s co-producer, Matt Damon, called the shoot “the best experience of his life.”

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