The world has set a new record for Covid-19 cases

The seven-day moving average of cases by Omicron, a strain of Covid-19 more contagious than its predecessors, was about 841,000 on Monday, up 49% from the previous month when it was first identified in southern Africa.

Although studies show that the picture of the disease that it causes is not very dangerous, especially for vaccinated people, infection is 70 times faster. The growing number of cases continues to overwhelm the capacity of hospitals around the world, leaving unvaccinated people and anyone who needs medical care for other conditions.

Bloomberg said governments are already warning that the number of infections and hospitalizations may rise after the year-end celebrations, setting a bleak tone as the world approaches the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bright side is that daily deaths from Covid-19 have not increased significantly. The seven-day moving average has settled at around 7,000 since mid-October after falling from a high driven by it delta variable.

The arrival of the Omicron variant has largely halted the move toward normalization that has characterized most of 2021. Reluctance to return to pre-vaccine containment measures and other restrictions by Covid-19 may cause the virus to spread more widely, although you”re also Some people have given a more traditional holiday season.

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