The work plan was approved by the Committee on Science and Technology

Members of the Science and Technology Committee of the LXI Legislature for State Congress They approved the action plan presented by the Vice-President of the Council, Patricia Valencia Avila, which highlighted the importance of these activities as essential in the development of the entity.

He explained during his presentation that “the general objective of our commission is to translate our activities into actions and legislative tools in order to achieve the state’s consensus that emphasizes the importance of science and technology as central activities for the integrated development of our state.”

Among the specific goals, raised the need to link Science and technology with production processes, generating a state and territory legislative agenda on these issues, as well as promoting ICT development before municipal authorities.

to view this Action Plan The Director-General of the Puebla State Council of Science and Technology, Victoriano Gabriel Covarrubias Salvatore, presented part of the work done by the organization and demonstrated the willingness of its researchers to work alongside deputies on the design. of upcoming initiatives.

In this regard, Representative Carlos Alberto Evangelista Aniseto expressed his support and readiness to support the work of the Commission, as did Representative Carlos Navarro Corro, who confirmed that Action Plan Presented by the Chair seek to break gender paradigms in these areas of knowledge.

For his part, Representative Edgar Garmendia de los Santos said: Science Technology is alien to political and partisan interests, which is why he pointed out the need for all members to focus on a common goal.

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Finally, Representative Norma Searly Reyes Cabrera highlights the importance of obstetrics procedures With a strategic approach to combating the problems of the state, while Representative Mariano Hernandez Reyes stated that one of the problems facing science and technology is the lack of an adequate budget, so it corresponds to the legislature to be more creative in designing strategies.

In the same session, notice a total of three Initiatives And four points of agreement that the Committee on Science and Technology inherited from the last legislature, which will be analyzed and discussed in the next session.

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