The women’s under-19 volleyball team will play in places 5 to 8 • Weekly League

The Costa Rica women’s under-19 volleyball team will play for places 5-8 in the Pan American Cup in the United States after losing to Brazil in three groups.

TheThe Costa Rica women’s under-19 volleyball team finished the group stage of the Pan American Cup in the United States with a three-set loss to Brazil and now they will have to play in positions 5-8, as they also lost to the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is at the shortest distance.

survivedThey say they were left out of the U19 World Cup in 2023, ever since The United States won their group and Thus, he agreed to the semi-finals and the world championships. And the other twoquotas to come out Between Mexico, Canada, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in the as-yet-to-determined quarter-final crossovers, in which the three fields have been distributed. But for those led by Karim Richards, this was not their goal, but to improve themselves for the Central American Games in Costa Rica and Guatemala 2022 and gain experience and learning.

Yes, Dominican and puThe ertorricans have shown light years of excellence with the Nationals, the Brazilians are on another level although they are not eligible for the World Cup quota for this tournament, and they can challenge the Americans in a Continental Final and even a World Final. Between Manuela Forlin, Juliana Ballano and Rebecca Borges pounded the Costa Ricans 9×9 with 38 points between the three. Despite this, the national team was more daring in passing groups, achieving in the first 6 units, rising to 8 in the second and scoring in the latter 12 points.

next contenderHe is a patriot who will emerge from the winner among the winners of the match between the winners between the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans and the losers between the Aztecs and Canadians.

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