The Witcher Season 3: Historic locations where the shooting will take place

The Witcher has become one of the most popular fantasy dramas on Netflix, which is why while filming Season 3, the production doesn’t hesitate for a moment to reveal behind-the-scenes details.

Since 2019, the magician It became one of the most popular fantasy dramas Netflix. That is why the drama is currently preparing for its third season, and production is currently in European countries to capture the best pictures for the next installment.

Season 3 of The Witcher is in production

As we will remember, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the production of the magician They were forced to postpone his second series, so, in the second installment, they managed to do so in the UK. In this new episode, the team hopes to film it in countries such as Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

The cast is expected to be in early March the magician Start taking your cameras to the Italian province of Bolzano. After filming is completed in that area, the crew will begin to relocate to Slovenia and finally to Croatia for another ten days of filming, which will last until April.

Principal photography is expected to last about five months, all that remains is to wait for news from production. One of the most interesting details the magician is this siri translator, Freya Alan, currently in a fashion show in Milan, Italy. In short, it would be no problem for the actress to meet the other cast members in the following days.

This adaptation has always sought to remain faithful to European culture and folklore, and it seems that again in the third part this can be seen more on the screens, thanks to its environment.

In the next installment we will see more European environments

the magician It’s inspired by Slavic mythology from the early Middle Ages, so in terms of aesthetics, whether it’s strange looking monsters or urban areas, it’s good to see producers eyeing those details.

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Although the third season of the magician At the moment in production, the fact is that at the moment it is a platform Netflix A release date has not been announced. Now all that remains is to wait a bit for the upcoming news.

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