The veto against the armament and the militarization of Malvinas

The first weekend of May was marked by two important ceremonies for Argentina, May 1 for the Baptism of Fire for the Argentine Air Force and the following day to commemorate General Belgrano ARA’s drowning. Both dates carried out memorial and protocol events, in which various civilian and military authorities, as well as Malvinas veterans, were involved.

One detail left by the events was the strong tone towards the UK of its actions on Malvinas. The British armed forces recently conducted military exercises on the islands that attracted criticism from Argentina.

In the Argentine Air Force’s Fire Baptism Act, the Minister of Defense said, “The Malvinas Islands today are usurped land by a military force that has more British soldiers than the islanders and this permanently harms Argentina.” He went on to emphasize that “Malvinas is not a distant or naive issue. It is about the sovereignty of our country. We are in a world full of tensions. Argentina and Latin America are not a person’s backyard. “

On the one hand, he spoke again of the British veto on arms possession, which particularly affected the planning for the acquisition of air and naval weapons. Rossi said, “It has been 40 years and the only thing we have received are violations from the British, who prevented us from purchasing a weapons system containing components of their own production.”

With regard to the veto, he again called the FA-50 case, a botched takeover after the UK refused to provide various inputs that were part of the airframe, as well as commenting on the existence of special components that the company acquired in time for the Argentine Navy that it is holding. United kingdom.

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In turn, in both events, the head of the defense portfolio said that starting from June 16, a vigil for Malvinas will be held which will last for one year and will end for 40 years of Malvinas Gesta in 2022. The year the vigil will include the activities promoted by the Ministry and the various armed forces. , Which will delve into the history of the conflict, the participation of the three forces, in addition to developing courses, workshops and other activities.

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