The US Congress is sitting TikTok’s CEO on the bench amid spying concerns

He put the US Congress in the dock Shaw Zi QiuExecutive Director of Tik Toka Chinese app used by 150 million monthly users United States of America Which was located in the middle of the dominant mandate between Washington And Beijing For fear of espionage of the Chinese Communist regime.

«Tik Tok It has time and time again chosen a path of more control, more surveillance, and more manipulation. Their platform should be banned.” Cathy McMorris Rodgerspresident House Committee on Commerce and Energyat the start of the hearing this Thursday.

Chinese owned company perseveranceAnd Tik Tok Under tremendous pressure in Western countries: government officials in United StateAnd United kingdom And Canadaas well as the European Commission, were forced to remove the app from their devices.

«perseverance not an agent China Not from any other country.” chewing before a committee Parliament Adding: “We believe what is needed are clear and transparent rules that apply broadly to all technology companies: ownership is not at the heart of addressing these concerns.”

McMorris RodgersThe chairman of the committee replied, “N CCP [Partido Comunista Chino] It may collect sensitive information (from users of Tik Tok) and control what we finally see, hear and believe ».

Trapped chewing He acknowledged that some Americans’ personal data was still subject to Chinese law, but insisted that would change soon.

chewing He promotes a corporate plan, known as Texas Projectto meet national security concerns, according to which the processing of user data on US soil will be limited to a department led by United State.

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Government Joe Biden He’s already given an ultimatum for that Tik Tok Stop being owned by the Chinese or face a total ban in the country.

The ban would be an unprecedented action against a media company before Washingtonbecause it will deprive millions of users in United States of America From an application that has become a cultural trend, especially for young people and the main source of entertainment after Netflix.

Selling the app, even with the consent of all parties, would be very complicated, given the powerful algorithm separation of «Tik Tok And perseverance “It will be like a conjoined twin operation,” he said. afp analyst Dan Ives to And a shower.

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