The US Army also wants the Metaverse


Do you think Meta is the most prominent company in the Metaverse? The United States Army project is more prominent.

Meta, as you well know, completely changed its strategy to focus specifically on creating the ultimate Metaverse. Currently, we have different platforms of this type, but the truth is that they couldn’t be that different and unique digital universe. For a few months, the investment items in Meta Focus especially on creating a differential proposal. After all, the classic social media model may or may not be as profitable as the future.

Now, is it the company closest to achieving this kind of entirely new digital dimension? The truth is that no. Again, the defense and military sectors are practically on the same level because The ability to innovate in the sector. Creating metaphors is not a simple matter, far from it, but this did not make the United States Army back down. Once again, we were able to check how the special forces of the most “psychedelic” country at the military level carry out projects of this kind.

Let’s see, then, what are the keys to explain US Army action against the MetaverseHow far-reaching innovations have been achieved in recent years, and of course what we can expect from now on. What could be the future lines of research and, above all, what is known about the ongoing projects?

Metaverse is in the United States Army

Synthetic Training Environment (STE) is the name given by the United States to the Metaverse research facility. In development since 2017, its main goal is to replace other existing mechanisms associated with simulation with the goal of creating a new proposal capable of Combine the performance of all of them. Therefore, it is a very interesting option from the point of view of innovation.

Among the training objectives raised, it is crucial that all maps are the same. For this reason, tank driving training must encounter the same obstacles in the terrain as those that the user must navigate on foot. The presence of trees, rocks, or any other element It should be present in all interactive maps. In this way, a similar task simulation can be performed in order to make more accurate conclusions.

One of the first challenges is the provision of all data in the cloud and its subsequent management by users. In a task where a whole series of profiles can be connected, it will be especially necessary to have enough power so that there are no interferences or, of course, interruptions in the data supply. The goal is strength Metaverse design that digitizes the entire real worlda task that will not be easy to achieve due to the large volume of information required.

According to the gate Venture housecould be available in open source as of 2030. However, it is important to note that we are dealing with tailored technology Offers a differential return over a slightly longer term Due to current limitations in preparing the entire map.

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