The US ambassador wants an urgent coalition of the ruling party and the opposition

Dialogue between the ambassadors that the organizers of the 19. Edition of Council of the Americas In Buenos Aires he had an unexpected derivation when he was the diplomatic representative of the United States in Argentina, Mark Stanley, a direct reference to what the political leaders of this country “must do today”. I heard Horacio (Rodriguez Larita, who spoke in the previous session) talks about the desire to be part of a coalition in the next government that will save the country; I tell them that now is today Don’t wait for the 2023 electionsRegardless of ideology or party position, Join forces nowThis is the moment.”

Mark Stanley shared the session with Jorge Argello, Argentine Ambassador to Washington, and was presented and coordinated by Susan Segal, President of the Association of the Americas/Council of the Americas and table coordinator for the occasion. Arguello reports that he maintains regular contact with Stanley, “at least three times a week,” where they exchange views on the possibilities for developing joint business strategies between the two countries.

The “essential” partner

“We have the natural resources, the United States can give us the money to develop the necessary infrastructure” regarding the possibilities that Argentina has to occupy a privileged position in the world in trade, Argello said. Food, oil, gas, and mineral resources such as lithium.

Stanley returned several times during his speech to Argentina’s opportunity through development and trade in those same three areas. He stressed that “there are dozens of American companies waiting for the opportunity to participate in their investments.” But he also called for “clear rules and transparency” for investors. “I would like to see that in an upcoming meeting with European authorities, the US government can say that we, together with Argentina, are ready to sell the food they demand to the world.”

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The speech of the American ambassador in the spacious hall of the Alvear Hotel where it was being held, fell on the ears of those present, and in general people associated with the business of about three hundred American companies in the country. They sounded like a hand extended from the leading Western power to Argentina saying, “Do you have a vaca muerta, do you have food, do you have lithium? Here’s the partner you need to go out and deliver.”

Climate change

But this gentle speech and within the usual guidelines in this kind of business meetings and relations with foreign capital, the audience was suddenly shocked when Ambassador Mark Stanley decided to take a bolder step. Almost a leap, in fact, in his speech.

He referred to the speech given by the President of the Government of Buenos Aires and the self-proclaimed candidate for the presidential elections in October 2023 for Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Laretta, minutes before, to push himself into the field of advising politicians in the party. The ruling party and the opposition are abandoning the confrontational stances they adopt today and are looking for a common path.

I heard Horace.

“I heard Horacio talking about the formation of the next government a strong coalition to save the country. I tell them: work on those agreements from now on and don’t wait to see the results of the 2023 elections,” he began by giving advice. “Today is the day to develop those three strategic sectors that the world demands.

“They have the goods that the world needs today,” he said musingly, and went on with his suggestion, which is heard in the mouth of the ambassador of the United States and in that region as more than a suggestion: “Forget about the ideologies and parties and form this alliance now. I tell you as the representative of the country that He wants to be your partner and as someone who loves Argentina and sees its potential: work on those agreements now, don’t wait 16 months.”

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