The US Ambassador to the United Kingdom will meet her fictional counterpart at La Diplomática

Jane Dorothy HartleyThe US ambassador to the UK will meet with the representative in the coming days Keri Russellwho plays her in the Netflix series “diplomat”. Both of them will meet at Winfield Housethe official residence.

As reported, Hartley will meet with the memorable interpreter of the sleeping Russian spy in “The Americans,” in order to talk about the differences and similarities between La Diplomática and real diplomacy.

Along these lines, Deputy Head of the North American Diplomatic Delegation in London Matthew Palmer “In popular culture, diplomats are often minor players,” he says. He adds, “In movies, it’s often us who walk into the middle of a meeting and say, ‘But what about the stakes for a long-term relationship?'” “

The Diplomat on Netflix

It is a spy thriller that premiered in April this year, and at the moment, it is still the most watched series. In fact, it continues to chart in the top ten in the United States. For her part, she has also reached the hearts of diplomatic circles, as they say it is fun to see yourself through different characters, such as Michael McCain or Benny Downey.

about the Differences with the plotThe official said: “I don’t have a co-worker who walks into my office with racks of clothes and tells me what to wear. The clothes I wear are my own.”

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her husband, Ralph SchlosssteinHe does not sit at his wife’s meetings with British officials or quarrel with his wife on the embassy grounds during the visit of the American president, as did Wheeler and her husband Hal, a diplomat with sticks and guns. British actor Rufus Sewell.

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“I think if something like this happened, my security team would get involved.”says Hartley, who is leading a second high-flying diplomatic mission after serving as ambassador to France between 2014 and 2017.

Series characters

Russell plays Jane via Kate WheelerAnd he’s a diplomat It moved its location to Kabul to occupy London embassy, after a deadly attack on a British aircraft carrier. At that moment, she fears that she will end up organizing parties and evenings in the garden. However, it finds itself at the center of American and British foreign policy during a landmark geopolitical crisis.


Among the secrets of the shooting, photos of Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower in the office of the protagonist are copies of the originals. Aaron Snipe, an Embassy spokesperson who tweeted verification of the series’ authenticity, noted that while the producers rented a lavish suburban London mansion as a stand-up residence for Winfield House, they used digital technology to add the tower. The famous communications antenna that can be seen from the back windows of the real embassy.

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