The Unusual Reason Nobody Leaves a Car Locked in a Canadian City

If Ushuaia is the apocalypse city, Churchill town It deserves at least a similar title. It is located in the province of Manitoba, Canada, on the banks of the river that gives the city its name and on the shores of Hudson Bay. It is very rare not only because of its location but also because it contains a file The number of polar bears is higher than that of people; It is not for nothing that it bears the nickname “the world capital of polar bears”.

According to the last recording It has a population of 813 and more than 900 bears that hovering nearby. Its infrastructure is prepared to receive them and even an entire system of tourist vehicles is set up so that it can see and approach them without disturbing them. However, to add to the list of weirdness, there is one Habit can even be An unspoken law among residents: no one leaves the car locked.

While many news stories and videos point to the law’s enforceability, officials close to Churchill City Council They explained to AFP It’s just “It is a common practice but not the law that imposes it.” “Me personally I don’t leave my car unlocked‘, he explained. But the real question is: Why are vehicles always open?

As it is known, it is a city known for its abundance of polar bears and although they live in its suburbs, it is common for one or more to enter Churchill Streets and wander through the city center as if they were shopping. Even though they are cute and seen by anyone who wants to hug them, they are still Naturally aggressive wild animals if they feel attacked; for what you have Be very careful when you see one.

It is common to see a polar bear walking on the roads, neighborhoods and areas around the

Running is never an option and facing them is, let alone. That’s why when someone encounters one of them You should look for shelter. There they enter the cars to play your game. You have to be quick and get into a safe place and The cars parked on the street become the perfect place. Open the door, go in, close and wait. This is the rule. This is why Churchill Town, everyone leaves their car unlocked when they park it.

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“It’s a common practice, people need to hide from the polar bear and can use vehicles, that’s why most residents leave their car unlocked,” a member of the Mounted Police expanded in an interview with AFP. In addition to this practice, they have deployed an alert program with forces that respond to the call of danger Calm down and get the polar bears out of town. Thanks to all these practices, humans and animals coexist in Churchill No fatal accidents since 1980, The year in which the aforementioned care and monitoring program came into effect.


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