The unusual political scandal in Finland over a 30 euro family breakfast

Helsinki. – Sana Marine, The first Minister from Finland, one of Countries With Low levels of corruption perception In the world, it emerged during the epidemic due to its spread Successful management of virus control. He even managed to make his inhabitants transform happiest in the world Last year, in complete crisis. but now, The president is mired in political turmoil in the country: she is accused of spending public funds on her family’s breakfasts.

Finnish newspaper Evening newspapers confirmed on Sunday that Marin was spending about 850 euros a month (about 30 euros a day) for food to prepare breakfast for his family circle. “Cold meals were also purchased for the use of the Prime Minister and her family,” the news deepened.

still The total amount spent p has not been confirmedOr employees of the Minister’s office, as they are specific workers who carry out their tasks inside the headquarters They confirmed to Finnish media that neither she nor her family members made the purchase.

Finnish law does not seem to give the current prime minister such an advantage Helsinki Police have announced that they will conduct a preliminary investigation which may result in a criminal penalty.

When she was elected, Sanna Marin was the world’s youngest female president.Nation

Marin didn’t mention he got a nutritional benefit, like Your office considers it part of your housing benefit“It is tax-exempt under the Income Tax Act,” the article detailed.

“I had no idea there was any lack of clarity about the breakfast provisions.”Tell national radio YLE.

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Sanna Marin’s leadership has been around the world since she became the head of the Finnish government in 2019, To become the youngest leader in the world, 34 years.

So Formation of a five-party coalition government led by women, who faced the arrival Pandemic without scratches. This is how one of the most influential and powerful people was chosen by Forbes and the BBC last year.

And in the middle of his term, And he surprised on social media with a picture confirming his secret wedding with his partner of 16 years and the father of his young daughter.

But the breakfast scandal That Marin announced that from now on he will pay for all his meals out of his own pocket, generated speculation raised doubts about Financing your wedding.

“And the. Now the claim is spreading that our wedding bill was paid out of public money. it’s not! He responded on his Twitter account after the criticism, “We paid all the expenses of our wedding ourselves, including food, drink, staff, flowers, decorations, photographers and music.”

Finland holds municipal elections on June 13, in just two weeks This may affect the prime minister’s reputation, at the same time providing a channel to criticize the opposition.


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