“The Unsung Hero Matters”

The face of this character will remain a mystery to players, at least for the time being.

We’ve had dozens of experiences with the Master Chief, all relating to epic moments and more courageous feats. However, this character still keeps a big secret: her face. Until now, we have never seen the face of this iconic Spartan, although it can be taught in an unprecedented way in The first trailer of the Halo . series. But when it comes to video games, it is very improbable Take off the helmet.

Game Informer was able to find out these details thanks to a quick session of questions and answers With Joseph Staten, creative director of the franchise, who doesn’t see a viable idea for showing the Master Chief’s face in Halo video games: “I think it all depends on your goals, but in terms of gaming, I guess Unknown hero is important“.

Therefore, it seems that we will continue to control a hero with a faceless face, because in this way we can create better connection between the hero and the player. On the other hand, this same session left us with intriguing details about the upcoming Spartan adventure, as Staten confirmed infinite aura We will get Classic Maps of the franchise and will add new weapons over time.

After all, Halo Infinite has already arrived at the end of its developmentBut you’ll still get a decent amount of post-launch content. In this sense, Statin recently made himself clear motives behind Delayed co-op mode, one of the most talked about aspects of delivery. As far as the Master Chief’s face is concerned, it remains to be seen if the series will dare to take such a step, or not suo teaser I just learned special shield of this character.

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