The University of Canada is preparing to receive 21 professors from Maulin

Starting in the last week of April, the Canadian University of Saskatchewan in the state of the same name will welcome 21 Molly teachers who were welcomed and congratulated today by Vice-President Mercedes Bullens; District Governor Cristina Bravo; Regional Ministerial Secretary (seremi) for Education; Francisco Varela, Mayor of San Clemente, Maria Ines Sepulveda; And those of Licanten, Marcelo Fernandez Velos

Accompanying the authorities were academics from the Catholic University of Mole, in which case they cooperated in the exchange and evaluation entity once the professors returned.

Bravo and Varela highlighted that through this one-month journey and training, teachers can update and enhance their methodological skills for teaching English as a foreign language, as well as enhance their communication skills in Anglo-Saxon in the context of total immersion. At the same university located in the city of Saskatoon, in the middle of the North American country.

“Today the regional government is providing 600 million pesos to encourage plans and programs like this one, to connect, to regional outreach, to open up our teachers and to be directly linked to the benefit of our students and our communities. This project in particular is $100 million where the state trusts each and every one of you so you can From fulfilling the desire that each family put into their educational process and today you can get to know another country with a different reality. Like Canada, with an educational model that is especially for me an example … and we will move forward … in the first phase there are 300, then there will be 300 Others…there will be more teachers who, through this virtuous link with the Catholic University of Mall, will meet this move to open up your hearts, and your minds, which not only benefits you, but the entire community in each of the eleven communes that are here today,” he highlighted Sirimi.

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Among the communes that benefited from the journey of these professionals: Licantén, Constitución, Curicó, Empedrado, Linares, Longaví, Pelluhue, Rio Claro, San Clemente, San Javier and Talca.

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