The United States will support the purchase of electric cars for 7,400 euros, but only “Made in the USA”

Madrid, 8 (European press)

Yesterday, the US Senate approved the Inflation Reduction Act, a key tax, climate and health law, allocating 433,000 million dollars (442,172 million euros at current exchange rates) which includes 7,500 dollars (7347.17 euros) for the purchase. for an electric car.

Specifically, of the total, 369,000 million (€361,434 million) will be allocated to energy security and climate change over the next ten years, with the goal of lowering energy costs, increasing clean production and reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.

This project foresees aid of $7,500 (€7347.1) per car for the purchase of new electric vehicles, while aid for used electric vehicles will reach $4,000 (€3,917.9).

However, some limitations are included, such as the fact that new cars can cost no more than 55 thousand dollars (53,872 euros) in the case of passenger cars and 80 thousand dollars (78,362 euros) in the case of pickups and SUVs.

Additionally, to qualify for the new general subsidies, vehicles must be manufactured in North America, and as of 2023, vehicles with batteries with Chinese components cannot receive assistance.

The law has been approved by the Senate and is awaiting the US Congress to give a “green light” to the bill, in a vote scheduled for Friday.

Tesla flying

After the bill was passed, Tesla shares are up 5.3% and are on the verge of erasing most of their losses from Friday.

Currently, shares of the American electrical appliance manufacturer are up 4.07%, at $899.72 per share (881.8 euros), compared to Friday’s close of $864.51 (847.3 euros) on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Stocks of manufacturers that have electric models in their portfolios, such as American General Motors, Ford or Rivian, also showed increases in the trading day as a result of the approval of the aid.

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