The United States will send up to eight F-35s from Germany to NATO’s eastern flank


Feb 23 2022 20:43 GMT

The Pentagon announced that Washington plans to transfer up to 800 soldiers to the Baltic states from Italy.

The Pentagon announced Wednesday that the United States will send up to eight F-35 fighter jets and other aviation units from Germany to NATO’s eastern flank. A spokesman for the body, John Kirby, said Washington also plans to move up to 800 troops to the Baltic states from Italy.

According to his words, US President Joe Biden on Tuesday ordered the Pentagon to transfer part of the US military forces to Europe. “They include an infantry battalion of about 800 people who will be transferred from Italy to the Baltic region,” Kirby said.

The spokesperson added that eight F-35 fighter jets and an attack flight squad of 20 AH-64 helicopters will leave Germany for the alliance’s eastern flank, while another group of 12 of these helicopters will be flown from Greece to Poland. .

The day before, Reuters mentioned On Biden’s decision to reposition troops deployed in Europe. Citing a senior US defense official who preferred not to be identified, the agency detailed that the redeployment includes sending 800 infantry troops to the Baltic region and up to eight F-35 fighters to various destinations throughout the Baltic region along NATO’s eastern flank. North Atlantic.

In addition, it was reported that Washington issued a decree to send 32 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters located in Europe to the Baltic region and Poland.

“These additional personnel are being reassigned to reassure our NATO allies, deter potential aggression against NATO member states and train with host country forces,” the senior official said, adding that none of the new forces would come from US soil.

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