The United States will send 3.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine to Argentina – Tellam

The shipment is part of donations from the Biden administration to developing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

About 3.5 million Moderna vaccines will arrive in Argentina on Saturday, which was sent by the United States government as part of President Joe Biden’s administration grants to developing countries.

According to White House sources, she confirmed to Bloomberg News Agency, that the shipment will arrive in the country on Saturday, after a bilateral agreement between the two countries, and It is the largest donation so far from the United States to a Latin American country لدول.

A coronavirus vaccine developed by US biotech company Moderna is designed with messenger RNA technology for the immune system to learn to expel a portion of the virus’ protein, and has shown a high rate of efficacy among 12-17 year olds.

Aviation sources told Tlam that two flights from Aerolneas Argentinas that have traveled to the United States as part of its operations to carry Moderna doses into the country will return in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Those are two Airbus 330-200s that have flown to Memphis to fetch 3.5 million Moderna from there, with which the flag company has added a new shipment to the more than 32 million doses Argentina has already received, since the start of the pandemic.

The first recorded LV-FNL flight departed on Wednesday at 7:12 p.m. from Ezeiza and landed in Memphis at 3:27 on Thursday, while the second recorded flight LV-FVH departed from Ezeiza on Thursday at 3:00. It’s 8.59 p.m. and hit the track in North American City at 17.57.

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Both planes were carrying limited crew, who, by order of the US authorities, must be in advance at the loading destination of the vaccines, to properly adapt the reservations, as the vaccines must be transported at a temperature between minus 15 and minus 50 degrees, although later opened, they can Store them at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees.

The crew each comprised three pilots, two cabin crew and four mechanics, who waited an hour to fly home at a hotel in Memphis.

It is scheduled to return in the early hours of Saturday morning, after both leave the United States at noon on Friday, according to the schedule.

The first flights will land in Ezeiza at about 1 am, and the next one will land 30 minutes and an hour later, depending on the time of departure from Memphis.

The shipment of 3.5 million doses will be divided equally in the holds of both aircraft.

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