The United States will host 125,000 refugees in 2023

MADRID, September 28 (European press) –

US President Joe Biden kept the quota of refugees the country could accept for fiscal year 2023 at 125,000, saying the move was justified due to “humanitarian concerns” and national interests.

The proposal comes a year after the Biden administration doubled the number of admissions for the 2021 fiscal year approved by the administration of former President Donald Trump, which was scheduled to be 15,500.

In this way, the United States will receive 40,000 people from Africa, 15,000 from East Asia, 15,000 from Europe and Central Asia, another 15,000 from Latin America and the Caribbean, 35,000 from the Middle East, and 5,000 from elsewhere, as detailed in Casa White in a statement.

These last 5,000 will be allocated to regional borders “when necessary,” they added, explaining that unused admissions may be transferred to other regions.

The United States has for years outperformed other countries in accepting refugees, but the administration of former President Donald Trump has dramatically reduced the number of refugees and imposed rules that limit who is eligible.

The quota Trump had left was 15,000 in the current fiscal year, a number Biden would have initially maintained but eventually raised to 62,500, setting a target of capping the quota of 125,000.

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