The United States will donate Mamba MK 7 armored vehicles to Uruguay

about 14 Osprea Mamba MK 7 vehicles With a logistical chain and training, with the main objective of equipping two mechanized departments (11 personnel transport vehicles, a company command unit, another vehicle for an ambulance and a rescue vehicle) is what the government of Uruguay As a possible donation to United State For use in the Peace Corps abroad, as well as a wide range of radio and interference (jamming) or anti-drone systems.

he Mamba MK7 It is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a Deutz BF6L9l4C Turbo engine, B7 glass and Stanage 3 glass, with 0.50 cal for mine or IED / IED protection (MRAP).

The Mamba has been deployed primarily to United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions, providing active service on various fronts, including the United Nations Angola Monitoring Mission, the United Nations Protection Force, the United Nations Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) and the British contingent from the Kosovo Force

regarding Oshkosh M-ATV Previously announced, until now it seems that Uruguay prefers to obtain them under friendly conditions and not to receive them from donations, because the need for these vehicles is mostly for use in the national territory, being units suitable for reconnaissance or command, because they carry 4 soldiers in addition to the driver, Whereas the Mamba, of which about 900 were built, could carry up to 9 soldiers and a driver. (Javier Bonilla)

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