The United States sends two satellites into space to discover missiles

On July 1, the United States took a new step in the military space race, after sending two satellites for security reasons.

The airline United Launch Alliance (ULA) launched a rocket with two national security satellites from Florida on Friday. Ships belong to US Space Force.

ULA launch director James Whelan confirmed that the missile is ready for launch. But it was the Space Force mission director, Colonel Erin Golden, who gave the final clearance for takeoff.

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This is the mission of the USSF-12, with Two ‘satellite payloadsTo command the space systems of the United States Space Force.

The first ships, called Wide Field Of View, or also known by their English acronym WFOV, are Experimental missile warning satellite.

This ship incorporates “a new type of infrared monitoring sensor in geosynchronous orbit.” Heat detection from rocket launch columns‘, according to .’s website Container.

The second is the USSF-12 Ring spacecraft, for Department of Defense Space Testing Program.

The Atlas V-541 rocket carried two spacecraft directly into orbit, a flight that took about 6 hours after liftoff.

United Launch Alliance is a provider of space launch services for the United States government with a mission to “save lives, explore the universe, and connect the world,” according to its website.

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