The United States returns to processing visas in Havana

The service has been suspended since 2017, when Donald Trump’s government accused Havana of being behind some kind of “sound attack” against its personnel, something it has been unable to prove. This event was followed by a pandemic. Although it was said on March 3 that visas would be issued again, the decision has not been formalized, despite being submitted by the EFE Agency.

However, on Tuesday, several people lined up in front of the consulate … Odalys Guerrero went with her mother to apply for a humanitarian visa: “About two months ago, I actually came here to ask and beg them to give me humanitarian assistance, me and the mother of the visa, which was refused They didn’t even let us talk there, now they said they would open the embassy, ​​we went back because we really couldn’t bury my brother.”

When the embassy announced its opening in March, it was said that priority would be given to parents of American citizens. They also confirmed that those who applied for a visa after 1 April would have their interview in Havana.

The return to visa processing coincides with the recovery of Cuban immigrants trying to reach the United States irregularly, also through Central America. The US Customs Office reports that in February alone, 16,557 Cubans entered the country illegally. Cuba accuses the United States of not complying with immigration treaties and maintains that Washington is responsible for this increase.

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