The United States promises more investments in Chile

The Chilean President received in Santiago the head of Washington’s diplomacy. what did you talk about.

After meeting with Chilean President Gabriel Boric, the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, promised this Wednesday to work until Increase investments Americans in the Andean country regardless of the outcome of the constitutional process.

On Twitter, Borich described the meeting he had with the US Secretary of State in La Moneda, the Chilean presidential residence, as a “very good conversation”, in which they showed harmony on the environment, trade and the situation in Venezuela.

At a subsequent news conference with Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Origola, Blinken said his government was “looking at ways to increase US investment” in the Latin American country.

especially In the field of green economysince Chile showed “leadership” in the fight against the climate crisis.


Local press asked Blinken how Chile’s constitutional process, which a month ago overwhelmingly rejected a new constitution proposal in a referendum, could affect investments in the country.

The minister said it was not his job to comment on Chilean politics, as it is an issue that concerns only the people of Chile, and stressed that there are “enormous business and investment opportunities” in the country.

He concluded: “The relationship is already strong in terms of trade and investment, but we are convinced that it can grow and become even stronger.”

In this regard, the Chilean minister stressed that her government was “working hard” to obtain investments from several countries, and gave as an example President Borek’s trips to Canada and the United States, as well as Negotiating the renewal of the trade agreement with the European Union.

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Origola emphasized that many countries have shown interest in “investing in Renewable energyIn Chile, production chains are improving.

Anthony Blinken and Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Orejola, in Santiago de Chile, on Wednesday. Photo: Reuters

“We have a very open investment agenda and we are on a very good path,” he stressed.


In spite of ideological differences With Borek, a former student leader who became the youngest president in the country’s history in March, Washington welcomes his commitment to the environment and human rights.

Specifically, it celebrates Borek’s criticism of human rights abuses by the governments of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

Borek and Blinken discussed the Venezuelan issue during the meeting, with both sides agreeing on the need to resume talks between Maduro’s government and the opposition, which were suspended last year in Mexico.

“This is what we want as a country and we are on the same page as the United States and other countries in the region and other European countries: that talks resume so that there can be free and democratic elections in Venezuela in 2024,” he said. Origola.

Regarding ideological differences between the United States and a large number of Latin American countries that have turned left in recent years, Blinken said that “each country’s context is different.”

But he pledged to work with all governments to “achieve the desired results”.


The immigration issue, which worries Joe Biden’s government over the record number of border arrivals, is one of the main issues in Blinken’s tour this week through Colombia, Chile and Peru.

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Blinken thanked Chile for its efforts in receiving Haitian immigrants.

Chile is also the only country in the region that has Visa Extension Program It allows its citizens to travel for tourism or business to the United States without applying for a visa.

This program is under review, but Borek and Blinken did not discuss the matter at the meeting.

However, Origola made it clear that both governments are working on it and that they are “on the right track” to expand the programme.

“We want to keep it and our countries are working for it,” the minister said in this regard.

Source: EFE


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