The United States pledges support for the Simbrando Vida program after its rejection

US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry has confirmed that Joe Biden’s government will help implement the Sembrando Vida Program, which President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promoted, as part of the fight against climate change.

Presenting the program to the US delegation, Kerry said Mexico “has leadership in the fight against climate change” and praised the afforestation initiative.

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“We have to recognize that these forests of Mexico, as President Lopez Obrador said, can be a source of prosperity for communities, and a symbol of Mexico’s leadership at a time when action on climate change is essential…from President Biden, I want to tell you that you can count on us. As part of the team for future work, I look forward to working with Mexico as a partner in this fight,” Kerry said from Palenque, Chiapas.

The US official said Sembrando Vida is not only a reforestation program but that it “focuses on people, on people’s lives, on work, on being able to stay where they live, and connecting with the land as part of its future.”

This, after last April, the Biden government rejected Lopez Obrador’s proposal to fund the program in Central America, asking him to even grant work visas and even residence or dual citizenship to people who add three years or more to participate. .

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On the other hand, John Kerry said on Monday that the Mexican president “does the right thing when he focuses on reforestation.”

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On the other hand, President Lopez Obrador said that President Biden has “an ally to confront climate change and to ensure the life and survival of all human beings. We are your allies in defending the environment.”

During the climate change summit last April, the Mexican president focused on the need to expand the Sembrando Vida program and ordering immigration to Central America, but he also advocated for national production of oil and gasoline for domestic demand.

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