The United States places Mexico on its list of controlled countries for foreign exchange operations

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The US Treasury Department delivered to Congress on Friday the semi-annual report on the macroeconomic and exchange policies of that nation’s major trading partners, as Mexico was identified.

The Treasury Department concluded that 11 economies, including Mexico, justify being placed on a “watchlist” of key partners who deserve close attention in their exchange practices: China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Ireland, Italy, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

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These countries, with the exception of Ireland and Mexico, also appeared in the December 2020 report. Along these linesThe Treasury has urged China to improve transparency With regard to foreign exchange intervention activities, the policy objectives of the exchange rate management system, and the relationship between the central bank and the foreign exchange activities of state banks. The Treasury has been working tirelessly to address the efforts of the foreign economies “To artificially manipulate the values ​​of their currencies, which places American workers in an unfair situation,” Treasury Secretary Janet L Yellen said this afternoon.

In this report, Treasury reviewed and appraised the top 20 partner policies over the four quarters through December 2020.

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