The United States is setting Denver up as an example in the fight against the climate crisis

Denver (USA). – The United States set an example for the mayors of the American continent in managing the city of Denver (Colorado) for the immigration crisis and combating the climate crisis.

This city hosts the first two days Summit Cities of the Americasa meeting organized by the United States Department of State attended by more than 200 mayors from the region, such as those from Mexico City, Bogota and Miami.

Denver, an example of a more sustainable city

State Department spokeswoman Christina Rosales told EFE that the Colorado capital could offer “solutions for mayors on how we can help immigrants who enter our cities and how we can give them jobs and education.”

He also emphasized that Denver “is an example for the entire United States of how we can address the issue of climate change” and implement policies to make “a more sustainable city.”

Therefore, the spokeswoman considered that this summit is a very good mechanism to search for “local solutions to global problems” such as the migration crisis and the climate crisis.

“We will not have solutions in a day or a week, but we do have examples of American cities, such as Denver or Miami, that can set an example for cities in the region,” he said.

Migration crisis management

Denver announced that in 2023 it will allocate between 8 and 11 million dollars (between 7.25 and 9.98 million euros at today’s exchange rate) to help thousands of newly arrived immigrants, mostly Venezuelan asylum seekers, including free legal aid.

According to census statistics, about 100,000 immigrants reside in Denver, or 14% of the city’s population of 711,000.

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The Summit of Cities of the Americas, which held its first edition in the capital of Colorado, was born out of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles in 2022, in which about twenty countries in the region committed themselves to reducing irregular immigration and opening new legal immigration. tracks.

The United States specifically announced Thursday that it will set up immigrant application management centers in Colombia and Guatemala, where people will be able to access certain legal immigration pathways such as obtaining refugee status, family reunification programs and work permits.

At the same time, he warned, all migrants who attempt to cross the border with Mexico without permission will be automatically deported. EFEgreen

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