The United States is paving the way for Barcelona to exploit the Camp Nou

he F.C.B He has big plans to exploit Camp Nou. The leadership relied on Barcelona’s ambitious project to reshape the stadium’s infrastructure and thus make it at the level of other sporting entities in terms of modernity. This has been a necessity for many years, as many teams have taken advantage of their own facilities to increase their income. In this sense, the path to be taken by the club is clearly affected sports culture United State.

The region was distinguished by offering leagues or competitions that had a superior entertainment nature. They’ve done it with Baseball, Basketball, Football and American Football. In each of these disciplines, they have taken their concept to the sport to sell the product at scale, allowing them to generate a solid profit for consumers. Playgrounds are an essential part of that culture, being one of the steps he makes F.C.B He really wants to extinguish the massive funding of his can business.

The NFL is leading the way

It is clear that the entire American sport cannot be extrapolated to the European continent, given the huge cultural differences, especially in football. However, the way they financially exploit their stadiums is an aspect that Barcelona can benefit from in the future. The clearest model is a model National Football League (NFL)It is one of the most followed competitions in the world.

Their strategies to turn their spaces into an income producing hub are really impressive. The data reflect this. In 2020, The Journal Forbes Share some data about the earnings of different teams in nfl with its own circles. In most cases it can be seen that the utilization of stadiums accounts for more than half in one season. The clearest example belongs to Dallas Cowboyswho scored 621 million euros Only in this concept, being 65% of your total income (950 million).

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File photo of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium/Nets

How do they achieve this? The capacity of the stadiums plays a fundamental role, but also the fact that they offer infrastructures that encourage fans to travel and buy products even if they are not in competition. These places, in addition to being modern in terms of comfort, offer various types of activities that enhance the movement of people through those places. This same strategy you want to repeat F.C.B with Camp Nou Remodeled and more commercially attractive environment.

equipment Stadium Revenue (2020) Total Revenue (2020)
Dallas Cowboys 621 million 950 million
New England Patriots 315 million 600 million
New York Giants 262 million 519 million

Barcelona allies with experts

Replicating this business model is not easy, so management Joan Laporta He has agreed to various alliances that will help in the future exploitation of the Camp Nou. In that group they are Legends International and Innovative Partnerships Group, two companies aiming to increase revenue generation. The intent of these agreements is that the club can Marketing future funds and VIP seats in the stadium after its renovationIn addition to Work on research New sponsors and strategic partnerships.

This is how the internal infrastructure of the Camp Nou will look like at the end of the works / FCB

In case creative They are the most important, because they have experience working with sports entities in the United States. It is no coincidence that Barcelona are looking for companies with such a proven track record to start drawing up a roadmap on how to exploit the stadium of the future. This is the main objective of making the stadium profitable which involves credit 1.45 billion euros whose total payments can be up to 2.820 million. This is what FC Barcelona’s salvation or its transformation into SAD could represent.

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Barcelona predictions

According to the interpretations of the Barcelona Council, the calculations of the expected income from the Camp Nou are as follows: 347 million will be generated annually when the new stadium is put into operation. This means a real additional income of just 137m, considering that Barcelona currently earns 210m from concepts such as tickets, food and drink, museum and stadium sponsorships, etc. These are conservative predictions, as per Edward Romeo –Vice President of the Economic Zone –which confirms that they have access to 500 million. It would be a rough number of what sports entities own in the United States.

Additional income that is expected to be generated with the completion of Espai Barça / FCB

Of the 347 million produced, Barcelona will always keep the first 100 million. The next 94 million will go towards paying credit repayments. The remaining 153 million will go either to the club’s coffers or to renegotiate financing terms in pursuit of greater profitability. Additional income is calculated as follows: hospitality or VIP funds (22%), Meetings and events (15%), tickets and restaurants (22%), museums and visits (15%), sponsorship and Property rights (24%).

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