The United States is finally sending an ambassador to Canada

The US ambassador has returned to Canada. It only took more than two years. But the US Senate’s shutdown was broken Tuesday night when David Cohen’s appointment was allowed to continue.

Philadelphia’s director of communications will travel to Ottawa after the Senate unanimously approves his appointment by voice vote.

The incident comes amid anger between Democrats and Republicans in a room that allegedly blocked President Joe Biden’s diplomatic appointments.

On Tuesday night, Democrats read out a list of names they hope to confirm unanimously, including ambassadors to Israel, NATO and Canada.

In the United States, ambassador appointments require Senate approval, and Democrat Robert Menendez has criticized his opponents for being slow. He cited Canada as an example.

“How do [blocking] Will the Canadian ambassador really pursue US interests? not this. “This is very harmful to our national security,” he said.

Republican Senate. Josh Hawley continued to block the unanimous approval of successive candidates, claiming to be acting on his own behalf in some cases and on behalf of his fellow dissenters in others.

Ded Cruz, the senator who strongly blocked Biden’s nominations, is seen in the background, and Josh Hawley, in the foreground in this April photo. (Susan Walsh/The Associated Press)

He said the appointments were worth a full discussion and vote, similar to the NATO appointment, to get a better idea of ​​how the Biden administration wants to pressure its allies to meet their military spending commitments.

Hawley criticized Democrats for not going to the climate summit in Glasgow and staying in the room for a full debate on the candidates.

Chuck Schumer, a Democratic senator in the Senate, has ridiculed the idea that blocking multiple appointments somehow serves the American national interest.

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“The result? There are empty offices in the State Department, our embassies, our Treasury and other agencies,” Schumer said.

These candidates are not controversial. It is usually confirmed with consent in this room until some decide that it should be enlarged. For whatever reason. Nobody has done this before.”

After this exchange, Howley withheld the candidates’ consent.

Something unusual happened when Cohen’s name appeared: no one raised his voice to protest, and the Senate recorded confirmation of the new ambassador’s move to Ottawa.

Since Kelly Croft’s departure in early 2019, when he was appointed by Donald Trump to represent the United States at the United Nations, there has been no official ambassador at the United States Embassy in Ottawa.

During the recent installation hearing, Cohen was asked about Canada’s strategy in China and said he was eager to see the Biden administration.

Comes to Ottawa amid unresolved tensions over energy issues, with pipeline 5 and trade uncertainty – Ottawa Records Great dissatisfaction with American-style buying policy in electric cars.

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